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Be careful where you put your jewellery!

Posted by andypragnell on November 13, 2012 at 12:15 PM

Came across this story in the British paper the 'Daily Mirror'

Diamond geezer: Oliver the cat wolfs down owner's prized necklace


12 Nov 2012 17:36

Greedy moggy has to have jewellery surgically removed after snatching it from the coffee table along with his usual treats


Hungry moggy Oliver was in the dog house - after swallowing his owner’s valuable diamond necklace.


The five-year-old cat polished off the piece of jewellery as it lay on a coffee table next to a pile of his favourite treats.


Owners Steve Digby and Francine Lace thought the pendant and chain had been lost after searching for it without success but finally turned their suspicions to Oliver.


Francine, 44, took him to an RSPCA hospital where an X-ray revealed the pendant and chain, which is 24-inches long and features diamonds and opals, was in his stomach.


Vets waited to see if nature would take its course, but when the necklace got stuck, they removed it surgically.


The operation was a success and Oliver is now recovering at home in Wythenshawe, Manchester,with Steve, Francine and their four other rescue cats.


Alarm repair man Steve, 51, said: “You don’t want to get in the way of Oliver when he’s eating.


"He’s quite a large cat, and quite ferocious when he eats the treat sticks.


“His treats were down on the coffee table in the lounge.


"When my fiancee Francine came back into the lounge the treat sticks had gone, and so had the pendant.


"She searched high and low, all over the house, but couldn’t find it.


“When I got home I looked again, and in the end we came to the conclusion the cat’s eaten it.”


The necklace, which was a birthday present from Steve to his fiancee, has now been returned to Francine - after a thorough cleaning.

Here is the link:

Have a great day :)

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