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Posted by andypragnell on November 2, 2012 at 4:50 AM

I have been ill the last few days, started feeling dizzy all the time and being unable to walk straight.

Obviously, being a chap, I thought it must be a brain tumour!

It isn't.

The doctor took away some of the problem immediately by having me lay down with my head hanging off the end of the bed, turned to first the left then the right, while she supported it. She said that would reset the 'crystal' in my inner ear which had shifted out of position, clever stuff!

She also gave me some tablets and, after a couple of days spent mostly horizontal, on my lovely hugs mattress (sorry, had to get a plug for our mattresses in!) at home here in Phuket, I feel much better. I'm still not 100%, so there is still some lingering doubt in my mind about the brain tumour, but I think I might just survive...

I guess the moral of the story, more directed at me than anyone reading this, is that I must go to the doctor when I have a problem. The trouble is, having spent many months in hospital when I was younger, I just don't like them.


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